The importance of a healthy nervous system

What does a healthy nervous system mean for you? Hands For Life has 3 main areas of focus, and one of them is to help the financial hard-shipped population achieve an efficient nervous system.

The reason a healthy nervous system is so important is because it’s what runs everything in your body. No cell or tissue goes un-touched by your nervous system. Without your nervous system, your heart wouldn’t know when or how to beat, your lungs wouldn’t be able to expand to allow you to breathe, and your muscles wouldn’t be able contract to help you lift your arm.

When your nervous system is functioning correctly, then your body is able to perform all the things it needs to do. It also should be able to fight off any virus, bacteria, or disease. However, when the nervous system is compromised, or not working efficiently, then our body begins to break down. We believe everyone on planet earth should have their nervous system checked for interference or issues. If that was the case our world would be much better off.

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