At Hands For Life, we see only your pain and your humanity. The contents of your bank account or wallet are concerns that can be left at the door. Unfortunately, Hands for Life is somewhat unique in this capacity. The mass of American workers are hemmed in by insurance plans that fail to cover the specialized approach to low-back pain that Chiropractic care offers. Instead, most persons suffering with low-back pain are forwarded through the traditional medical settings for which their insurance offers coverage. What’s worse, of course, is that the traditional medical setting has rendered millions of Americans, once hobbled by low back pain alone, into opioid addicts—or expired opiate addicts—whose lives inhere a great deal more pain than that for which they originally sought treatment. Research has revealed that physicians still, despite the resounding death toll rung every day in our country, prescribe opiates at an increasing rate for the long-term management of low-back pain. More than half of our population saddled with opiate addiction reports back-pain, as well. 

Medical research has revealed that there is very little evidence for the use of opiates in chronic back pain. Chiropractic philosophy and care begins with a specialized consideration of the spine. The chiropractic community considers back pain as a natural result of even the slightest incongruence in a patient’s vertebrae, and seeks to correct the error mechanically, once and for all. Research has for years produced evidence that chiropractic care, with or without a medical auxiliary, is an effective treatment for chronic back pain. What’s most essential here, besides relieving any and all of our worker’s pain, is that chiropractic care will never leave a patient to suffer the deadly whims and burdens of opiate addiction. Hands For Life was established for this very reason, and a decade later we continue to seek to alleviate the pain of members of the TriState community no matter their position, no matter their status, no matter what their means or insurance. This is the promise that we keep and every non-profit should make for health and total development of every one of our citizens and workers. 

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