It feels wrong to blame a person for seeking out the relief of a substantial pain-source, like the headache can be, can you? Very often, Americans in pain are happy to defer to their treating physician’s assumed expertise and considered treatment. After all, it is the physicians of this country that we have collectively and primarily tasked with the proper and virtuous treatment of our medical needs, like chronic headaches. Rarely does a patient sit in an office with a doctor and consider the personal, societal, and financial effects at work that may work not only to convolute their diagnosis and treatment, but could very well saddle them with an unnecessary and comprehensively damaging opiate addiction. Hands for Life presents to the headache or migraine patient an alternative in chiropractic treatment: In fact, recent research has revealed that chiropractic care can alleviate up to 50% of clinical headaches without the use of pharmaceuticals or opiate intervention. 

Writ large, opiates—particularly considering the now well-documented risks—are still overprescribed for headaches and migraines. Hands for Life, in collaboration with Advanced Back and Neck Pain Center, offers hope to the community: whether you are someone now suffering with headaches, migraines, or opiate addiction associated with these conditions—to find a therapeutic setting where patients can treat theses pains without opiates, have their voice heard by their treatment professional, and have their unique input directly informing a personalized treatment plan. Hands for Life is a non-profit organization, meaning that patients without the means or insurance generally necessary to receive chiropractic care may be seen and cared for at the Advanced Back & Neck Pain Center without a covering insurance plan or spending any out-of-pocket cash. At the very least, Hands for Life can offer a community and educational source to the TriState Area for anyone who has been affected directly or secondarily by the opiate epidemic. Donate today, or schedule your first visit, to help rid Delaware and the United States at large of the fatal shackles now so often ending prematurely the lives of our family and community members. 

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