Hands For Life Serving The Under-served

Hands For Life Nonprofit is growing everyday. With Chapters starting all over the U.S., Hands For Life is looking to be the largest Chiropractic Nonprofit in the World. Over the last 18 months, we have been to India 4 times, serving over just under 10,000 people during each of our visits. We also serve in Mexico 2 times a month, seeing anywhere between 150 and 300 people the first and third Saturday of each month. Sharing the gift of chiropractic, health and healing is something we love to do.
There are millions upon millions of people on our planet who have no access to health care, nor could they afford it if it were available. And Natural Healthcare is so hard for these people to find. When we were in India, we witnessed miracles right in front of our eyes!! Kids walking for the first time, eyesight changing, hearing restored, and the lifeless brought back to life. Being able to touch so many is truly a blessing, and even though one may not be able to attend these trips, their donations make it possible to “heal the world.” Keep checking back on our site to see the great things our donors are supporting, and to realize we all play a part in helping others. From a small donation to flying around the world, no matter what your role, we can only accomplish our mission TOGETHER!!
Thanks for your support, your willingness to see the under-served taken care of, and mostly being part of our vision for a healthier, happier world tomorrow!!20150418_112727

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